Snappy Eyeglasses Case

Hi folks, I am back with another simple project to help inspire the creative genius in you.

Online media is full of tutorials for snappy pouches, each one a reflection of the creativity of it’s maker. Well, with so much inspiration all around, who isn’t tempted? And so, here is my adaptation of the snappy pouch, which is big enough for your sun glasses, and the rotary cutter fits snugly in it too. My youngest claimed the last one I made for her pencils.

For this project, you need:

  • Piece of fabric, 16″x 4.5″ from top fabric and 20″x 4.5″ from lining.
  • Piece of thin batting 16″x 4,5″
  • 0.5″ wide metallic tape measure 3.75″ long (2 pieces)
  • Small piece of fabric 1″x 2″ for tab (optional)
  • Electrical tape

What you need

Place your top fabric on the batting with the right side facing up, and flatten it well. then lay it out on the lining fabric such that about 2″ of lining fabric pops out on either side. you can mark the center by finger pressing or with pins. Then fold the lining fabric over twice at about 1″ to make a double crease over the top fabric and batting.


Press it down, sew over the edge using a straight or decorative stitch. This is also the time to add a lace, if you so fancy.



Now is the time to prepare your tape measure insert. Round off the sharp edges of the tape measure carefully using a spare scissors that is not to be used for fabric. Then cover both ends with layers of electrical tape.


Round off edges and prepare tape measure pieces


Fold over your eyeglass case along the long edge, and line up the top edge. Sew along one side using a quarter inch seam. Now, slip the pieces of tape measure into the channel at the top, such that the concave side faces the main fabric side. And push it well into the channel. Then, align and sew along the other open side.


Use a small round object to round off the bottom edge, sew along the curved corners and smoother all raw edges using your rotary cutter or a pair of scissors. Then sew with a zigzag stitch to seal the raw edge.


Turn inside out pushing the seams out using a blunt nosed pair of scissors or a chop stick.


And voilà! Your eyeglasses case is ready.

And this is so addictive, you will not stop at one. I went ahead and made a whole bunch, in all shapes and sizes. including one with embroidery on it.


So go ahead, enjoy your brand new project, and please let me know how it worked for you.



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